New Year's Resolutions

January 6, 2013

What's up guys? So I apologize for this superbly overdue post but I just couldn't help myself (terrible excuse, I know). There were just loads of series and movies I had to catch up on before my beloved winter break comes to an end heh heh. Anywho, as you can see by this post's title one of my major new year's resolution for 2013 is to stop slacking on this blog I keep telling myself I need to make and dedicate myself to. I've literally made probably 5+ blogs in the past but as you can see they've sort of just gradually gone extinct...which is why I'm starting anew and fresh (one of the biggest problems for me was probably sticking to a blog title though).
(Side Note: I've been mad addicted to this song for the last couple of days. Take a listen if you'd like)

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