We Are the Kids With the Hungry Hearts

January 27, 2013

I apologize for being a slacker these past few days but I promise I won't abandon you guys and this blog. Survived the first week of spring semester whoot! and all I can say is that it does not feel like spring semester at all but rather winter. The past couple of days the weather has been below freezing point and there was even a snow storm, although the amount of snow that I got in my area was somewhat pathetic for a storm. Welps! I'm not complaining cause I seriously can not wait for spring weather! Anywho, due to the cold weather I decided that I should work on that 50+ cooking recipes goal of mines. Are you guys ready? *drum roll effect* The first thing on my soon-to-be-big-book-of-cooking-recipes are these deluctible and scrumptious Red Velvet White Chocolate Chip Cookies!
I know today's Sunday and Sundays I usually share all the nasty things I've consumed over the week but I decided that since I've been slacking these past few days that I should in lieu post something new for today. I'll probably have my week three eating journal post up sometime early this week.

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