Don't Be a Slave in Your Own Sanctuary

February 10, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year's guys! Aaahh it feels like forever since I've last posted, probably because the last time was way at the beginning of the month, can't wait to get spring semester done and over with so you guys won't have to bore yourselves to death reading the nonsensical things I'm shoving in your minds because that's essentially how dull my life has been due to work. Classes have definitely proven to be a challenge this semester, it's tough trying to squeeze everything in 24 hours nowadays. Nonetheless have you guys been keeping yourselves updated with the A/W 13-14 Collections happening? Goodness I would love to actually be there in New York for Fashion Week, sitting in the front rows in lieu of sitting my pathetic buttocks at home staring at the computer for days on ends.
As for my eating journal posts, I'll probably merge the last couple of weeks into one mega post! Hopefully I can find the time to do it today, if I don't get distracted from my work and actually get everything I need done, DONE!


  1. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

    1. That's great and an honor to hear that you enjoy reading it Michelle (: