It's Not About Sex or Champagne

March 4, 2013

Is it possible to feel so relaxed yet feel so busy? I got heaps of papers to do and exams to study for yet I'm just loafing around the house playing Mario Kart with my siblings. And if any of you have ever played it, you should be well aware of how addicting it can be. In addition to my slacking I've been really inspired by the whole black&white/greyscale look and I've been having the urge to revert back to my natural black hair but when I look back at those days I'm thinking...maybe not. Then again we'll see, we'll see. Maybe the grey sky and weather has been influencing me unconsciously, who knows. Oh yeah, spring is just days aways and apparently there's a snow storm hitting New England. Seriously?! Welps, there goes my hopes for warmer weather. Anywho, here's a little collection I put together for you guys to stare at for days on end while I try to get all my papers and work over with. Ta! Ta!

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