Soon We Will No Longer Be Young

March 28, 2013

So last night for some odd reason, me and my brothers & sisters decided to give-a-go at making our own somewhat homemade pizza. How'd we come up with the idea you ask? Probably because as kids we were deprived from those good old Lunchables meals that every cool kid seemed to bring to school for lunch. Now full speed ahead! When we opened our refrigerator we realized we had some sausages just chilling there you know, next door were some whole wheat tortillas just laying there, and some cheese just sitting there. Ding! Heck why not experiment a little for the goodness youth that's in us. Fetched some tomato sauce and BAM! Now don't kid me wrong, I'm not joking when I say that this "pizza" of ours turned out pretty darn good. Especially since we toasted it a bit and the wrap was oh so nice and crispy & crunchy on the edge. Baby just looking at these photos is making me wanna get in that kitchen and give this thing another go.

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