You're Running Off the Phone

March 24, 2013

Yesterday was the last day of spring break with all my college friends upstate, and today is the official last day until it's time to say farewell. I can't say I spent the break as wisely and nicely as I had originally planned, then again I can't say I didn't enjoy it! Instead of spending the day going to busy and big places like we did over winter break, we spent this break roaming a petit village near the area. There were honestly so many nice and dainty items in the little shops that were all pretty darn reasonable prices for tourists, but considering the fact that I basically grew up around the area, they weren't exactly in my budget so I came home empty-handed sadly *sigh*. And if you scroll down enough you can probably conclude that it wasn't the warmest winter break. But hey, the somewhat chilly weather made it all the better when we stopped by a little inn in the village for some hot cocoa and tea.
Kudos to my beloved sister, Rosy, for making it possible for me to upload majority of these photos.xoxo

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