Early Birthday Celebration

April 21, 2013

Yesterday I spent basically the entire day with some of the closest-cool-cats to me in this world for an early birthday celebration (note: my birthday's on the 23rd of April in case you wanted to jot that down on your calendar for next year *wink* *wink* hehe).And don't worry we made sure to work our butts off like crazy after stuffing ourselves with so much good "healthy" foods; worked out to Shawn-T doing Hip-Hop-Abs and danced like pros. Additionally, we spent the day gossiping as all girls naturally can't resist and just catching up with life is all.
Thank you for the delicious Strawberry Shortcake Rosy!!!!
I know I'm a bit late with the Bart Simpson little trend gig but hey better late than never right? (from my Irish twin sister, Sandy)
Received various Gilly Hicks products to help me reach my goal of reaching their model beach body by the time summer hits. Oh boy! I'm ready to just lather myself in these and watch all them folks on the beach envy my....oh so beautiful scent ha. (courtesy of my babe-Han). And speaking of envy, I know you guys want some of my kawaii Asian snacks. Honestly, who could resist them. (thank you my beloved darling Rosy for feeding me). Last but not least, thank you Nina <3 for getting me some good body lotion that smells oh so creamy and delicious. Now I won't have to suffer from terribly dry skin so much anymore.And it will definitely serve a great purpose in my bag where it will forever, as of yesterday, smell like good o'mango.
Oh and who's this cool kid you ask? He's actually more than what your eyes are making you perceive. Want a hint? He can turn into something that you all probably carry around whenever you go traveling. (thank you again Han). As for the snapback, it was a little treat I got for myself. Nothing wrong with treating yourself too on your special day.

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