It Felt So Crystal in the Air

May 24, 2013

I know it seemed like I fell off the face of the earth but that's what happens when you get addicted to League of Legends (LoL). My friends just got me into it about a week now since I just got a spanking new laptop with supposedly spiffy specs so I was like what they hey, why not give it a shot right? and this is the result, me playing it 24/7 in an attempt to reach level 30 before June comes rolling in which just gives me a week. Whew! Even stayed up till 1am just to watch the League of Legends Championship Series (All Stars).
So yesterday we had a mega celebration for my sister. Mega because it was a combination of early birthday (her birthday being on June 9th), congratulatory (for scoring herself an internship with Hewlett Packard a.k.a HP), and going away (since she's leaving next Saturday and won't come back home till end of August sadly).  Met up with a couple of good friends before they won't get the chance to say their good byes and spend some last quality times with her. Ate at Caesar's Phillip's Seafood for lunch and the food was extraordinary, and pigged out on 3 different cakes (goodness gracious ha) and two of them were especially made by two of our good friends Stacy and Kenny. Afterwards, we pretty much walked around the Caesar's Pier Mall for a bit to burn off those loads of calories we just gained, opened some gifts publicly, and some in private, then headed out to Tanger Outlets in an attempt to burn off some of those calories. And man oh man, I chose a bad day to wear a dress cause it was crazy windy since we were by the shore, and I was literally, constantly trying to keep my dress from flying up and heaving a little Marilyn Monroe accident.

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