When You and I Were Forever Wild

May 12, 2013

Had an amazing time yesterday attending one of my best friend's college graduation (my very first college graduation that I've ever been to, to be exact ha). It was definitely a memorable and crazy day my friends! Started out the morning raining cats and dogs like you've never seen (then again it'd be odd if you did literally see cats and dogs rain from the sky) and once we got to the college campus to meet Han the weather started behaving and the grey clouds started clearing and it just got beautiful! After the ceremony and pictures we went to Chicken Pizza Kitchen (CPK) for dinner and I kid you not guys, both the food and service were wonderful! I only wish the closest one to my place could be less than 45 minutes away. Nonetheless, it was all worth it.
Anyone else here obsessed with The Great Gatsby and Lana Del Rey's soundtrack for the film?

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