Make My Dust-Covered CD Player Into A Time Machine

June 2, 2013

The thing about trends is that they constantly fluctuate; however, if I had to choose a trend that will never get old in my book it'd probably have to be the Shojo concept. Maybe it's due to my inner anime otaku self since the days of Sailor Moon but no matter how old I am, I can always find myself falling in love over and over again with the styles found in various Shojo Japanese mangas. I can't exactly promise you that this is the greatest example collage of the concept but I can promise you that I did my best to try to gather whatever examples I could with the limited resources I had.
Whether it was because of the heartwarming and flutteringly romantic tales or the unique fashion illustrations, I was always addicted to surrounding myself with Shojo lifestyles and ideas. I grew up making my very first purchase ever buying Shojo mangas as a kid. And even to this day when I stare at my shelf of mangas I can't say I regret spending so much on them. They were worth the investment. The concept is essentially an ideal mixture between preppy, tomboyish, and daring elements. 


  1. Because I saw this post, I'm gonna add Lovely Complex in my To-read manga :D

    1. You should definitely read it! It's so cute~
      There's also an anime and live action version of it too :D

    2. I emailed you. Forgot to comment it instead. LOL. Silly me :))