Never Keep Your Proud Head From Falling

July 26, 2013

Is it possible to feel like you're living a gazillion different lives? One moment I'm devoted to looking up all sorts of D.I.Y projects to feed my craving for new refreshing items, the next I may be totally glued to watching LoL streams to support my favorite players and learn from the best, then onto updating myself on different series/shows; honestly the list could go on for days ha. But at this moment I feel like putting together some inspirational photos to help make up for my lack of outfit posts this month compared to last month's. In all honesty, I haven't been going anywhere lately these past few days cause I'm trying my best to resist spending so much money going to places in order to save up for my Dad's 50th birthday next week! Aren't I such an angel? (haha I kid).


  1. Amazing pics...


  2. Awesome picks! All of them look so stunning and give me lots of inspiration :)