NYFW S/S14 Favorites Pt.I

September 10, 2013

Don't panic! I have not forgotten about my lovely readers <3 Life's just been a little overwhelming these past couple of days due to classes and NYFW that I've barely got the time to do anything. So for now, you guys will have to bare with my crazy schedule until I get comfortable with all my classes and once fashion week ends. I'll definitely do my best to make it up for you guys so don't fret~
I know NYFW has yet to end but there were just some pieces that I absolutely fell in love with and couldn't resist sharing with you guys! Let me tell you guys, the outfits on the runways did not fall short of my expectations. Man, how awesome would it be to actually attend the shows. Welps! All I can do for now is watch the shows live...or wait until they upload the shows and albums for the Spring/Summer 2014 wears. Out of curiosity, what were some of you guy's favorite pieces and shows? Feel free to tell me about them in the comments section below hehe! (Part 2 of the most memorable pieces will be posted when the official pages upload their collections. So far now....)
I've told you guys about my crazy obsession with this man right? I literally fell in love with every single piece for his show! And by "love" I mean like had a crush on every piece! This man nailed it for me! The touch of daring, edgy, bold...He's honestly a fashion genius my friends! Evidently, I was unable to select my 4-top picks from his show cause they were all just too fab! So in case you guys missed his show (shame on you) here you guys go! Do enjoy!


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