REVIEW // Jon & Patty's Coffee Bar and Bistro

March 21, 2014

The best part of spring is the gorgeous weather which makes it oh-so-perfect! to just go out and hit up some new and different places to try them out; places that deserve some more recognition by the public than the usual food chain places, etc. Evidently, the first stop of my many future places soon to visit is a local restaurant called Jon & Patty's Coffee Bar and Bistro which can be found at 637 Asbury Avenue, Ocean City, NJ 08226. I've only gone there for breakfast so I'm probably not the best candidate to review their lunch and dinner menus, it certainly is a place that you guys should definitely consider stopping by if you're in the area. 
The restaurant certainly gives off a peaceful, calm, and yet mysterious aura (like the buildings do in Ghibli films!). The streets in the city are usually quiet compared to most cities with people jogging and walking their dogs in the area, which makes up the perfect setting for a good morning breakfast either by yourself in quiet or with some buddies to catch up with life!
When you enter the restaurant, it automatically gives off a warm and comfy atmosphere! Its interior design was a mixture of vintage and retro, with a touch the old American classic style; their decorations were honestly just too cute! 
The general pricing of the items were fairly reasonable especially for the amount or size that they give; around $7-8, nothing over $10 really.

MENU (breakfast) 
Very creative! But still on par with the usual American classical breakfast style! My only wish would be that they offered more choices, although they do have a special menu that varies from time to time.

The staffs were fairly friendly and were open to give us recommendations which certainly helps. The atmosphere was ideal and the food was certainly delicious!

WOULD I GO AGAIN? Definitely!


  1. Love the vintage decoration and the bread looks delicious :D

    1. Yes!! The vintage decoration definitely setted the calm and cozy atmosphere, and the french toast was delicious (:

  2. Looks so yummy! :) and the interior design is to die for! I am your new follower darling :) come take a peek at my blog! XOXO-M

    1. I definitely agree with you! And aww thank you dear (: I will definitely be sure to drop by!

  3. nice post ! love the second pict :)