Embrace the Future We Haven't Seen

July 22, 2014

These last couple of days, along with the next couple of days, me and my sister have the house to ourselves and have made it our ultimate mission to cook ourselves proper meals, which we haven't had for the longest time due to all the crazy hectic-ness that's been going on over here, and not cave in to instant or fast food meals. So while I know I've been slacking a bit with outfit posts for you guys, be rest assured that I'm not being entirely bummy at home hehe~ You can probably tell from these photos that I've utterly obsessed with incorporating eggs, avocados, and mushrooms into my diet ha. Nowadays I can't help but look forward to my coming meals to see what I whip together. Makes me excited for the future and the days coming ahead! Stay optimistic, even if it's through food guys.
The only picture of myself that I have to show for as proof that I'm not dead and that someone's not simply just impersonating me on my blog to give you guys some feed. (シ_ _)シ