July 21, 2014

So collectively, I'm obsessed with the Japanese Edo Period, Samurai and Yakuza modernized fashion, top-knot buns, french braid pigtails, minimalistic and simplistic yet refreshing fashion and tattoos, knee-high leg brace accessories, sunny side up eggs (always been a morning and breakfast fan!), sheer socks, . . . in all honesty guys, this list could probably go on for days, which is a sure sign that I've been scrolling bouts the pages of Tumblr posts for much too long, though as always, my go-to outfit colors navy blue, black, and white and now with the addition of mint, sky blue, and pale pink! Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend and stay tuned for another miraculous and surprising appearance from moi huhu~ toodles for now yo b(^u^)b time to go back to being a shameless otaku. Seriously though. So many good animes this season; so hard trying to stay on schedule with all of them.

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