PHOTO DIARY // May - June

July 5, 2014

When I tell you that May was a hectic month, I mean seriously, it was one heck of a crazy month. Every weekend was spent doing something, it even got to the point where friends had to schedule appointments because I would literally be booked all day. Aye, now don't start getting the wrong idea here either. Sometimes being booked for me means lounging around the house to spend some family time together since it's the first summer where all my mum's daughters are away from home for the summer. No shame, I call her everyday like a lost child going ecstatic over having the opportunity speak to my all-time favorite idol! Anywho, so lets get started with this photo diary thang!

note: shrinking all these photos (just selecting the major ones) so that I can actually cram more things into this post without flooding you guys so much to the point where you guys grow tired of endlessly scrolling down through this post.

- - - - - may - - - - -
Mother's Day celebration! It was a crazy beautiful day I tell ya. Perfect for celebrating such an important person in all of our lives' existence. So glad we live by the shore (:
Received 2nd Place in the art show for my 3D sculpture of Sherlock Holmes using mixed media. After the art show, we went to watch Godzilla on opening night and then hit up Red Robins!
ONE OK ROCK Concert at the Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia, PA as part of my sister's early birthday present hehe~ They were truly amazing live! Got blessed with Toru's water *cough* *cough* and me and my sister both got our hands on Tomoya's personal drumsticks!
Speaking of birthdays, there was a massive amount of birthday celebrations throughout May. It was literally cake after cake after cake. They were worth the additional added weight that I definitely packed on after stuffing myself with life young as long as I can.
And then you can't forget about the casual college reuniting hangouts that are always a must.

- - - - - june - - - - -
Official celebration of my sister's 21st birthday~ Our other sister joined us all the way from the east coast through Skype. Thank you technology for coming so far to allow us to do so.
VAN'S WARPED TOUR: This is honestly the highlight of my entire summer, right here baby! And no, it is by no means too early to say that because I highly doubt that anything could top this momentous experience. Getting the chance to meet ONE OK ROCK twice in one summer was insane! But what's even more insane is that I was I was actually able to hug them, talk to them, hug them, get autographs, hug them, get pictures with them...oh and did I mention hug them? (ha) No kidding though, we went into line three times. And every chance I got to hug Toru (my main bias hoho), you bet I took every chance regardless of how sweaty we both were.
Waited till after everyone was done with their single photos and autographs to properly beg their manager to allow us to take a proper group photo with ONE OK ROCK. So worth the wait and you can definitely expect me to print this group photo out onto a poster and hang in my room to always remember.
Had the opportunity to grub on some famous Coreanos food truck goodies at the tour!
So Taka was the only member that I was able to get a proper picture with using my camera because their Japanese manager was kind enough to take the picture for me! Was stoked that we somewhat matched!
Seriously wish I could have gotten better individual pictures with these guys but their U.S tour manager was rushing us so I was stuck with quick phone selfies *sigh* nonetheless, regardless of how crappy I look I can't believe all this happened!
Got burnt super badly from walking around the dessert for what felt like days but at the end of the day it was all worth it.
Spent the next couple of days chilling with my Uncle's friend's family. Glad to have had the opportunity to bond with them!
And don't even get me started with Starbucks yo. My aunt got me hooked on the green tea frapp for days on end. It was so bad but so good at the same time. I've been a huge fan of green tea/matcha goods and I've tried green tea frapps at many other places yet for some reason I never tried the one at Starbucks till this summer.
on the side note, how many of you guys are watching the newly released Sailor Moon Crystal? I was so stoked when I heard Sailor Moon was making a comeback! Seriously, this series was my childhood and idols!