Sisterhood Outing Photo Diary + Video Diary

January 24, 2015

How has twenty-fifteen been going for you guys? And yes, I know it has only been the third week of the new month but it's be a shame if I said I stayed cooped up in my room all day like an all out "otaku". Not that I'm not at heart...because the days after we got back from this little outing of ours, we immediately reverted back to being otakus, catching up with new episode releases from autumn season anime leftovers as well as new releases for the winter season (currently watching the second season of Durarara and the third season of Kuroko no Basket in regards to winter releases; no worries, I keep myself updated with this stuff). Anywho, I'll stop blabbing like the granny-I-already-am-right-now and let you guys check out the rest of this post. 

Ah yes, if you guys have been around for my past adventure recap posts, then you guys know the drill; interested in knowing what some of the places we ate at during this trip were? then feel free to check out my Yelp page for the details and all the food porn for you guys to feast your eyes on!