Stray Kids

January 12, 2015

I say "stray kids" not because I know I may have strayed from blogging over the course of twenty-fourteen but because me and my sisters just recently strayed away from home the past week on a little sisterhood outing for a bit before my winter recess comes to an ending. Truth be told, I feel like the little kid who cries wolf after repeatedly telling you guys that I have finally returned from a far, far away land to fulfill my duties of responsibly maintaining my blog after venturing out to save my knight and shining armored prince charming (not that the little kid who cried wolf belonged to a princess fairy tale or anything). Then again perhaps what I'm saying can prove to be quite a telling tale due to the fact that we just recently got hit by winter storm Frona and here I am wearing sunglasses and nothing but a button down, tank, and some good pair of denim jeans. That, or perhaps I'm just simply a mad woman.