Alas! Cheers To Freedom!

May 13, 2015

Whoot! Whoot! Teresa is back in the house and totally stoked to get this blog back up and running again! (: Say what?! I know, this spring semester went by both relatively fast and slow, which was perfectly fine for me because part of me wanted to get the semester done with and be able to soak in the beautiful summer weather that's to come here by the shore, yet I also wanted it to take its merry-o'time because I wasn't necessarily as stoked to have all my assignments due all so soon. Nonetheless, it's over, and the only things that I have due are the piles of projects and posts that I seriously need to get in for the blog; and what's better than to kick start it with a graduation post! Now before you guys start congratulating me, it wasn't me who graduated, but my good time friend, Nina. **WARNING** Beware of a possible major finger exercise coming up, as I will try my best not to go on a rampage of photos as a result of my excitement for being back.

So now that you've seen the graduation girl, lets rewind to the beginning.
We randomly ran into the school's mascot and I just had to take a picture with it before I may potentially never get the chance to in the future before I, too, graduate.
Group photo (minus our photographer, Rosy) of the cool peeps from our celebratory lunch gathering.
Group picture of all the girls (courtesy of our beloved photographer, Jung)

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