Ocean City Boardwalk + Video

June 12, 2015

If you have yet to experience a summer by the shore, then you, my friend, have yet to experience an actual summer. Trust me. Last summer, I basically spent it entirely in the Lone Star state of Texas and the weather was not so friendly as it is here in the lovely Garden state of New Jersey by the shore. Normally you would think that the wind would be a life savior but it honestly felt like a gust of air blown by a giant that you just hired to keep that luscious hair of yours, blowing in the summer air for a L'Oreal hair commercial. By golly, a breeze in Texas is nothing like a breeze by the shore. And boy did I learn that the harsh way last summer. Though I will admit that it definitely got me to appreciate being able to live the shore a whole lot more than I originally did prior to the previous summer, which is why you can expect me to make more frequent trips to the beach & boardwalk this summer than in the previous summers.

Oh yeah, and what's a real boardwalk adventure if you skimp out on the boardwalk treats?

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