✈️ Dallas/Fort Worth Adventure (Part II+III)

August 16, 2015

How I managed to squeeze in five days of my adventure into one short video for the first part of this crazy summer mini series has managed to increasingly surprise me after working on the other later parts of the mini series these past days. One day was all I managed to muster in for the second part but man, there was way too many wacko footage for me to leave out. Plus, I was feeling a little more Japanese vibe for this day~

The third part I actually managed to bump it up to two days (whoohoo!). If anything, I believe it's all in the music choice you make, which is also the hardest part for me. Either I have too many tracks in mind to narrow done to just a single track, or I just run a blank as to what song would be most fitting which sucks (ha) because a single video would end up stretching out to sometimes a week's worth of just playing around with different tracks and footage. In the end, you just have to choose whatever seems most fitting and wing with it, hoping everything will be aye'okay.


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