Gambling Our Youth Away

January 23, 2016

It's officially the first snow class cancellation day this semester (or at least for me being one of the few rare suckers having a Saturday class) and it's just only begun this past Tuesday (January 19). Makes me wonder how many more of these days there are ahead of us this semester with all the rambling and debate about whether this winter will be a harsh and cold one or a more relatively warm one. Regardless of either, you can always expect to find me staring out the window like a true dog (1994 baby). And no, I'm not being a creepy neighbor (or at least I'd like to think that I'm not), it's just I can't help but find myself reminiscing on the good o'youthful days of me and my siblings running outside like brave warriors to play in the snow, heedless of how much snow there were. 0.5 inches? 20 inches? We didn't care. We'd savagely annoy our mom to let us out there. And then come in shivering with our cheeks all rosy, our noes sniffling like we just got done watching Grave of the Fireflies.
After our mom would get finish cleaning us up, she'd always have something warm prepared for us to devour in an attempt to abolish all the cold in our systems. in this case that would be our beloved eldest sister, Rosy, who we could always count on to have something up her sleeves. Although to be fair, it's not just only whenever it's snowing outside. It could be the most beautiful day and we'd have a fancy-schmancy glass of fruit smoothie made for us. Only right for courageous warriors like us right? 
Perhaps it's the thought of homemade warm goodies that gets me thrilled at the sight of waking up to snow regardless of how old or young I am. Or perhaps it's the thought of being able to rationalize with myself that it's okay to sit around watching movies and playing board/card games all day? Or maybe, just maybe, it's the thought of being snowed in with some of the coolest chumps in the world, my siblings heh!
Oh man, it's ridiculous how much time has gone by and yet we can still enjoy and appreciate the same small tid bit stuffs as we did back in the days. And man, all the things that I would love to go back and tell my weirdo kid self. Oh whales, just got to look at everything with an optimistic perspective.
Starting with me getting back to juggling this blog and getting it back up on its feet! Really looking forward to what 2016 has in store! So far so good!

"Is it worth the risk that we take?
Gambling our youth away,
Waiting and hoping from the side-lines
But this is our moment, it's our chance to shine." -- Dreams & Reality, Area 11


  1. Oh, how time flies - stay warm, and dang, that food looks scrumptious!