Kissemoji Ceramic Digital Flat Iron

May 25, 2016

Finding and investing in the right hair products is always a trial-and-error for me. Lucky you if your hair is always cooperative and easy to manage because the type of product you trust your hair with can be a huge game changer. In terms of hair products, I don't necessarily go all out with the fancy products like investing in hair gels, moisturizer, and whatnot (though sometimes I do wonder if I should). Usually I just use whatever is conveniently in the bathroom which is only really hair oil to repair damaged hair with all the hair dye chemicals and heat I have put into my hair in past years.

Likewise, I'm pretty picky when it comes to the flat iron I use because the texture of my hair can be somewhat difficult to work with since it's not exactly the most luscious hair for flat irons to glide through.

Two things that I do keep in mind when looking for the right hair flat iron are: (1) it is a digital flat iron and (2) it is a ceramic flat iron. A digital flat iron makes it easier for me to control the heat temperature that is being used on my hair which is important because too much heat can potentially burn it off yo. A ceramic flat iron usually gives my hair a smoother feel because it glides along my hair more easily than other materials.

Now that the background informative stuff is done and over with, onto the review. I recently got my hand on this ( hair straightener from Kissemoji and here is a breakdown from my personal experience with it.
This isn't a bad flat iron but it did take me longer to straighten all my hair than the one I currently own. At first I thought it was because the temperature only reached up to 220 degrees until I realized that it was 220 degrees Celsius not Fahrenheit.

Also, the outer part feels like rubber which might make it a little tough for you to use this flat iron to wave or curl your hair. But overall, I do like the outer rubber feel of it and how light weight it is.

Personally I would recommend this flat iron if you have thin hair or little hair because I have both thick and a lot of hair. So unless I'm not rushing to get ready, I would opt out of this one and grab my current flat iron. Otherwise, on a daily basis if you aren't in any major rush then this flat iron wouldn't be so bad. Plus the cord can turn 360 making it less of a hassle for when you're curling your hair.


  1. nice!

  2. Oooh, it's so cool that it displays the temperature! Makes it easy NOT to burn myself, which I tend to do with a straightener. Haha!

    xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

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