Strawberry Avocado Spring Salad

May 21, 2016

Composing a salad bowl is such a pleasing activity. You get to have fun playing around with so much colors and experimenting with different ingredients to incorporate each day that you end up feeling just as refreshing as the bowl itself. And the best part is that your body can enjoy it too.

This is actually my first time throwing in pistachios since I normally grab almonds to throw in and I was not displeased whatsoever. It also led me to come to the realization of what a great combo pistachios and avocados make. Pair those two in any salad and it brings a perfect balance of colors to your salad bowl.

There are a ton of mix textures in this salad bowl that you would think it would make for a distasteful salad bowl. However, I think that's what made it all the more delightful to eat; simply how exotic it was in a sense. It was fun putting this bowl together and a joy to eat.

p.s. I was hesitant to toss in pistachios because I like to eat my salads with chopsticks (I know, so Asian of me) but they weren't that bad to pick up. My chopstick skills are probably just that on point.

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