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A pleasure that you have stumbled upon my little secret getaway since around the time I graduated high school and started college.Originally this blog started out as a perfectly plausible excuse for me to procrastinate on some school work. A place for me to share small tid-bit happenings in my life from my eating journals, to outfit posts, inspirations, and dangerous cooking concoctions.

Near the end of college I shifted my time towards securing an internship and focusing on my career post-grad. As a result I ended up dropping blogging until time would permit us to be together again.

From my most active moments on here to my hiatus, this blog continues to hold a special place in my heart. It was my best friend and secret partner in crime throughout my young adulthood. It's helped me to learn a lot about myself in ways I didn't think would be possible especially in regards to potentials and interests. People can think I'm weird for having a blog as a best friend but hey, no one ever said a best friend had to be a human-being.

Through this blog, I've gotten the opportunity to collaborate with brands that I would never have imagined possible by simply being who I am and establishing a brand for myself.

My name is Teresa Quynh Vu and I'm a part-time content creator and a full-time digital marketer. I would like to invite you to share this blog with me as a secret getaway for the both of us to grow and become more acquainted. Like the name, it's a blog for me and you.

For Business Enquiries: Teresa.Quynh.Vu@Gmail.com

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