About Me

A pleasure that you have stumbled upon my little secret getaway since around the time I graduated high school and started college.

Originally this blog started out as a perfectly plausible excuse for me to procrastinate on some school work. A place for me to share small tid-bit happenings in my life from my eating journals, to outfit posts, inspirations, and dangerous cooking concoctions.

Unfortunately, life got complicating and I would have to randomly drop and re-pick up blogging, unsure of where my time was better invested in.

Nonetheless, this blog was my best friend and secret partner in crime throughout my young adulthood. It's helped me to learn a lot about myself in ways I didn't think it would especially in regards to potentials and interests.

My name is Teresa Quynh Vu, an aspiring marketing and information system student working towards becoming an effective communicator between business and tech; a liaison between both parties. And I would like to invite you to share this blog with me as a secret getaway for the both of us to grow and become more acquainted from. Because it's a blog for me and you, hence the name.

For Business Enquiries: Teresa.Quynh.Vu@Gmail.com

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