What inspired me to start blogging?
Back in 2008, I was first exposed to LookBook.nu, a site for regular fashion enthusiasts to share their outfits and style to inspire others. Some of my favorite Lookbookers, I noticed, would have their own separate blog to go into further details behind their outfit. They each had their own unique way of sharing the behind the scenes story behind their look, which I instantly fell in love with. I remember coming home everyday from school and trying to finish all my homework early so my parents would allow me to use the computer for other personal interests, more specifically reading fashion blogs and finding inspirations on Lookbook.

So what kept me so long to start blogging? The fact that I didn't have a camera to play with. And once I did, along with more free time with college flexible classes, TERESA et VOUS was founded.

What camera do I use to shoot my photos and videos?
Currently using Samsung NX2000 camera and Google Pixel phone.

How do I edit my photos and videos?
Adobe Photoshop and Premier Pro CS6.

What is my diet and work out routine?
My recommendation if you're just starting your weight loss journey is to keep an eating journal of some sort. Made me more aware of what I was consuming and cut back on snacking.

I no longer maintain an eating journal but there are some things that I make sure to keep in mind. For instance, I personally try to make majority of my meals within the week vegetarian-based. That could mean having two out of the three or four meals of mine in the day be strictly vegetarian or four out of the seven days of the week. How strict I am with it depends on how guilty I feel I have been with my diet the previous days or if there's a major event coming up or not. Also remember, it is not a crime to have a couple guilty pleasures throughout the week to reduce your chances of binge eating on any cravings or food obsessions you have been holding out on.

As for my workout routine, I try to squeeze in at least an hour of jogging six days out of the week and to do some sort of stretch or yoga both at the beginning of the day in the morning and at night before bed.

Did I design my own layout?
Yes, the graphic design and minor coding.

Who is The Hungry Lark?
At some point in my blogging lifetime I thought it might be better if I separated my personal and blogging life from one another, so I started another blog under The Hungry Lark label. A lark in terms of person is essentially a morning person, "a person who usually gets up early in the morning and goes to bed early in the evening" as quoted from Wikipedia. I love the intimate early mornings and am a huge sucker for breakfast, hence the "hungry" part. You can say I am a morning person simply because I am always anxious for breakfast. In fact, I really don't mind having breakfast meals replace my lunch and dinner meals.

Moving forward and away from straying off the original question. Running two separate blogs got a bit confusing and at some point I was like dude, why am I restricting what content I want to share on my blog. I should be able to be personal with you guys if I felt like it. Plus, it would just make our bond closer.

So in short, The Hungry Lark was a re-branding project I had in mind in which I dropped. Why is it my main Instagram account? Because the posts that I shared on that account was more defining of me than my original account so I just continued on with it.

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