January Monthly Wrap-up!

February 2, 2016

January will always be a wild month for me. Especially as a college student with the first half of the month being winter break and the later half being the start of the spring semester, which makes it a groggy transition compared to the three to four months of break from spring semester into autumn semester students typically get from the summer. Not only that but, being that it's the first month of the new year, it's the time of year when everyone's trying to stay on task with their resolutions. Normally I would compile a nice list of five to ten resolutions but I figured that I would just keep it nice and simple this year. Go through each day with a more optimistic mindset! And I owe this one to a good friend.

"No matter how bad things seem to be, it can always be worse. Smile daily and laugh frequently because life is a beautiful thing."

January 1st, 2016 - Happy New Year!
Did someone say, "cheese and sausages with crackers"? Yes please and that's exactly what we chowed down on for lunch basically throughout this entire day while kicking back and finally knocking out Kill Bill 2! In truth, it didn't feel like new years all too much with the warm weather. Heck I was able to walk outside wearing a skirt and no stockings and a jacket without looking like a mad woman, which technically isn't all that rare of an occurrence.
Spent the afternoon editing some video projects while everyone else was fairly occupied playing Mario Party. Once the clock struck 5pm, it was time to get cooking! You guys didn't seriously think that we would just allow the holiday to go by without a magnificent feast made for kings and queens did you?
January 3rd, 2016 - Hair transformation
Every new year I like to make little changes here and there to make it feel like an actual new year a smidge bit more. And for a while I did keep track of all the changes I've made so I could see the progression throughout the years until I realized that there were too many changes at times in a single year. I mean hey, a girl can try something new, not be so fond of it, and go back to the way things were right? So no crime committed there.

Red has been one of my all time favorite colors! Is it because it makes everything look extra delicious? At least that's what studies have shown, but hey who knows? It's also one of those colors that are deemed more appropriate for your hair as opposed to having my parents waking up to me with bubble gum pink hair. But for the longest time, I have been resistant to go red since it's been known to be a hard color to maintain and because I wasn't ready to give up ash blonde quite yet. So what did I do? I decided to go deep red for the top part of my hair! What can I say, I love the assortment of colors when my hair is braided. Got to take advantage of having long hair y'know! Plus, my friend has been pushing for me to cosplay as Yoko from Gurren Lagann so now I'm part way there!
January 7th, 2016 - Brace face yo!
I'm officially able to convincingly tell people that I am a 14-year old attending college! haha! Although some of my friends tell me that I already looked like a 14-year old prior to having my braces, but claiming that I'm a 12-year old in college is a bit less convincing don't you think?
Anywho, Doc said it would take a minimum of six months with these bad boys on so, in keeping with my new year's resolution to be more optimistic, I'm going to have my fingers crossed and hope for the best. No harm in having a little bit of hope! Worst case, my college graduation photos would look more like junior high or high school graduation photos rather than college photos. But I guess that was somewhat inevitable already with me apparently having looked 14 years old already without the braces.
January 13th, 2016 - Happy Birthday Christina!
Went out to Applebee's (half price appetizers? yes, please!) for a small birthday celebration for a good friend of mines from high school. Applebee's? No shame in embracing our poor college lifestyle yo! But you know what's more evident of us being college students? As college students we are constantly trying to juggle all sorts of crazy tasks, whether it be homework, chores, our daily morning routines, etc., in an attempt to make the most of our time. So not only was this a small birthday celebration but it was also our last reunion before it was time for everyone to part ways and go back to college for the new term. And, and, and?! It was my first time being formally introduced to her man. Crazy how much we have all grown since high school days.
January 15th, 2016 - Star Wars movie date with "Big Head"
Did I really wait practically an entire month to finally watch the seventh episode of Star Wars? No, that's ridiculous! In fact, me and my other Star Wars obsessed buddies watched it on premiere night, paired with my first time ever trying Chipotle, surprisingly, which was admittedly pretty damn good even though my friends criticized me for suckering in for the veggie bowl simply because it included avocado at no extra cost. Ah-voh-cah-doh! yo! How could I possibly turn that option down?

Even with braces on for already a week by this day, I figured that it would be safe for me to order an avocado salad to eat. And man oh man, boy was I wrong. The avocados were sure enough ripe, but apparently not ripe enough for my teeth to handle. Good thing Big Head was also a huge avocado fan otherwise I would cry (more than I already was because I couldn't eat them) seeing them go to waste.
Long story short, me and Big Head here promised to watch the seventh episode of Star Wars together. However, some complications came up and I ended up losing contact with this geezer for a good two months. In which case, life moved on when miraculously out of the blues we got in touch together again and finally got around to fulfilling that promise on one of the last few days that the movie was going to be showing. See, miracles do happen! (:
January 18th, 2016 - Starbucks coffee date with "Big Head"
As an extreme coffee lover, it is unfortunate that there are so few coffee places around where I am. The only convenient ones being all Starbucks, which really isn't so bad but a nice local coffee shop would, no doubt, be super nice for occasions like this.

Last day that I would get to see this geezer, until who knows when, so we went out for a small intimate coffee date to catch up a bit on life. As hungry as he was, he still pushed for a coffee date knowing that my struggles to eat were so real with fresh braces on, which I appreciated so so SO much! Thank you, you old fart!
January 19th, 2016 - First day of the semester
Class sessions have officially resumed and I will admit, I was a bit down that I didn't get to encounter some super cool friends in any of my classes. Even running into them on campus in general proved to be quite the battle unless we actually scheduled a time and place to meet up.But you know what, there are still some pretty cool folks in my classes and none of my professors seem too one dimensional in terms of their personality so woohoo! Just got to stay on the positive side.

Going to fast-forward a bit through the days since classes make up for most of them, if you guys don't mind.
January 30th, 2016 - Random adventure with "Green Lantern"
Saturday class? Yes, that's right. But it's really not that gross since it's an online class and we really only meet for the first and last day of class; the first being orientation and the last to take our final exam. Nonetheless, it was still a drag getting myself out of bed early to go to school on a Saturday as opposed to my normal early weekend routine of being able to just wake up and enjoy a nice breakfast while soaking in the morning rays. Rays which the mighty Green Lantern cannot nearly appreciate as much for.
This kid actually woke up early in the morning for once, and embraced the chilly weather just to make my Saturday morning class less gross haha! Definitely a moment in time to document. We ended up taking a small walk, hitting up Starbucks for some much needed caffeine digest for us coffee lovers, and then to BAM! to stare at their massive collection of FUNKO Pops! Afterwards this kid gave me a small tour of what our university's apartments are like since I've never seen them even though it is now my senior year. And I kid you not, he had the hardest time believing that I was not a sophomore but indeed a senior. Any moment with this kid is a crazy moment. Am I getting too old?
January 31st, 2016 - Summer in winter with coconut celebration
This winter is probably one of the most bipolar seasons yet. Just last weekend we were hit with a massive snow storm with some neighboring places getting two feet of snow, then just this past weekend it was literally like spring time with temperatures touching mid-60s. And as if that wasn't enough to make it feel like spring and summer time, my parents came home with fresh coconuts because they were apparently on sale at the supermarket. All that was left was to just simply kick back, soak in the warm sunny weather, drink up some nice refreshing coconut, and relax like I'm in Hawaii!
Thank you January, and the people who were in it, for a memorable and amazing month!

"WATNEY: Look! A pair of boobs! -> (.Y.)"

January 30, 2016

Since the dawn of the Accelerated Reader program back in junior high to the rise of mandatory summer reading books in high school, I have been awfully sluggish at making room in my daily schedule to pick up a decent book and read. Now don't get me wrong. It's not that I have anything against reading because quite frankly who can, right? As overdone as it may sound, reading a good book is one of the best ways to just get your mind out of the old stress gutter of your personal life and escape to another life, whether you are being placed into a character's shoes or you are the almighty creepy overseeing creature of the story. Unless you have awesome taste in novels and are reading "The Martian," in which case you get both sides of the coin. Booyah yo! And as ridiculous as it may sound, there's more to love about this book than just simply that.
Everything from the layout of this book to the protagonist, Mark Watney's lame and corny sense of humor was absolute! It's rare for me to come across a book where you could surely find me hiding in a corner with my face stuffed between the pages of the book, chuckling to myself like a creepy weirdo. Not that there is anything wrong with being a weirdo because in truth, this world would be all too dull if people like Watney didn't exist.

Back to the book. Besides the totally sick cover, the main reason why I decided to make it one of my top priorities to finish reading this book was because of all the hype and buzz surrounding the 2015 film. With a Certified Fresh Tomato rating of 93% critic rating and 92% audience rating, what crazy person would not be anxious to check it off their "To Watch" list. Naturally, having been overly obsessed with how excellent the book was, I figured that if the film followed the same template as the book then it was sure to be a foolproof film especially with such high remarks.
Needless to say, I was a little more than just a smidgebit disappointed by the film. I won't get into all the little details as to how and why in case any of you have yet to watch or read it, but I will say that that the book for me was more than ten times better than the film for the following reasons:

- Too much Hollywood fluff
- Some major events were not included in the film (obstacles to the MAV?)
- Events and actions were not explained enough for viewers who have not read the book
- Disliked that it didn't allow viewers to progressively grow with Watney (700 Sols later? Really?)
- Most of all, the ending did not follow the same story guideline as the book. How?!

But who knows. My mind could be bias after having fallen in love with the book so much that my expectations for the film were a smidge too high. My friends who did not read the book prior to the film all tell me that it was worth all the buzz and ratings. Even friends who have read the book prior to watching the film still tell me that the film was superb. All I know is that the number one 2015 film for me is still Mad Max. And though The Martian film did not sweep me off my feet, the book certainly holds a special place in my heart with Mark Watney forever being one of my favorite novel characters.

Gambling Our Youth Away

January 23, 2016

It's officially the first snow class cancellation day this semester (or at least for me being one of the few rare suckers having a Saturday class) and it's just only begun this past Tuesday (January 19). Makes me wonder how many more of these days there are ahead of us this semester with all the rambling and debate about whether this winter will be a harsh and cold one or a more relatively warm one. Regardless of either, you can always expect to find me staring out the window like a true dog (1994 baby). And no, I'm not being a creepy neighbor (or at least I'd like to think that I'm not), it's just I can't help but find myself reminiscing on the good o'youthful days of me and my siblings running outside like brave warriors to play in the snow, heedless of how much snow there were. 0.5 inches? 20 inches? We didn't care. We'd savagely annoy our mom to let us out there. And then come in shivering with our cheeks all rosy, our noes sniffling like we just got done watching Grave of the Fireflies.
After our mom would get finish cleaning us up, she'd always have something warm prepared for us to devour in an attempt to abolish all the cold in our systems. in this case that would be our beloved eldest sister, Rosy, who we could always count on to have something up her sleeves. Although to be fair, it's not just only whenever it's snowing outside. It could be the most beautiful day and we'd have a fancy-schmancy glass of fruit smoothie made for us. Only right for courageous warriors like us right? 
Perhaps it's the thought of homemade warm goodies that gets me thrilled at the sight of waking up to snow regardless of how old or young I am. Or perhaps it's the thought of being able to rationalize with myself that it's okay to sit around watching movies and playing board/card games all day? Or maybe, just maybe, it's the thought of being snowed in with some of the coolest chumps in the world, my siblings heh!
Oh man, it's ridiculous how much time has gone by and yet we can still enjoy and appreciate the same small tid bit stuffs as we did back in the days. And man, all the things that I would love to go back and tell my weirdo kid self. Oh whales, just got to look at everything with an optimistic perspective.
Starting with me getting back to juggling this blog and getting it back up on its feet! Really looking forward to what 2016 has in store! So far so good!

"Is it worth the risk that we take?
Gambling our youth away,
Waiting and hoping from the side-lines
But this is our moment, it's our chance to shine." -- Dreams & Reality, Area 11

Maybe Someday We'll Get It Right

August 20, 2015

Ever since my parents trusted me buying clothes with my own money I have been known for hoarding up a massive scarf collection. It got so out of hand that my parents eventually told me I was forbidden to walk into the house with a new scarf. So you can imagine how difficult it was to have to put down every "perfect" scarf that I came across until the day that my parents felt my mind was mature enough to not "mindlessly" buy every single thing that I felt was a necessity in my closet. 

However that did not stop my huge obsession with scarves years later. In fact, even through the scoring heats of Texas summer weather, scarves have remained one of my favorite go-to accessory.

Does my Dad still make comments about my scarf obsession? Yes. To this day, he still calls me crazy for wrapping my neck with a scarf in the heaty heat. And what would be my response to him? I'm just providing my neck with some friendly shade to protect it from the danger (the heat). 

✈️ Dallas/Fort Worth Adventure (Part II+III)

August 16, 2015

How I managed to squeeze in five days of my adventure into one short video for the first part of this crazy summer mini series has managed to increasingly surprise me after working on the other later parts of the mini series these past days. One day was all I managed to muster in for the second part but man, there was way too many wacko footage for me to leave out. Plus, I was feeling a little more Japanese vibe for this day~

The third part I actually managed to bump it up to two days (whoohoo!). If anything, I believe it's all in the music choice you make, which is also the hardest part for me. Either I have too many tracks in mind to narrow done to just a single track, or I just run a blank as to what song would be most fitting which sucks (ha) because a single video would end up stretching out to sometimes a week's worth of just playing around with different tracks and footage. In the end, you just have to choose whatever seems most fitting and wing with it, hoping everything will be aye'okay.