Got My Melody, Got My Beat

Sunday, March 23, 2014

After seeing snow and the temperature going below 30-20F for the longest time now, I simply could not resist whipping out my shorts when I saw that the weather was going to be sunny and in the 60s range! And although the weather says that we're suppose to be expecting more snow this coming week, at least I know that spring weather is almost here (even though it's technically already spring heh)!
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REVIEW // Jon & Patty's Coffee Bar and Bistro

Friday, March 21, 2014

The best part of spring is the gorgeous weather which makes it oh-so-perfect! to just go out and hit up some new and different places to try them out; places that deserve some more recognition by the public than the usual food chain places, etc. Evidently, the first stop of my many future places soon to visit is a local restaurant called Jon & Patty's Coffee Bar and Bistro which can be found at 637 Asbury Avenue, Ocean City, NJ 08226. I've only gone there for breakfast so I'm probably not the best candidate to review their lunch and dinner menus, it certainly is a place that you guys should definitely consider stopping by if you're in the area. 
The restaurant certainly gives off a peaceful, calm, and yet mysterious aura (like the buildings do in Ghibli films!). The streets in the city are usually quiet compared to most cities with people jogging and walking their dogs in the area, which makes up the perfect setting for a good morning breakfast either by yourself in quiet or with some buddies to catch up with life!
When you enter the restaurant, it automatically gives off a warm and comfy atmosphere! Its interior design was a mixture of vintage and retro, with a touch the old American classic style; their decorations were honestly just too cute! 
The general pricing of the items were fairly reasonable especially for the amount or size that they give; around $7-8, nothing over $10 really.

MENU (breakfast) 
Very creative! But still on par with the usual American classical breakfast style! My only wish would be that they offered more choices, although they do have a special menu that varies from time to time.

The staffs were fairly friendly and were open to give us recommendations which certainly helps. The atmosphere was ideal and the food was certainly delicious!

WOULD I GO AGAIN? Definitely!

The Low Sky Grieves With A Face That's About To Cry

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dude! How many of you guys are stoked for spring to finally arrive! I literally counting down the days cause quite frankly, I've had more than enough snow over the course of this winter season. Don't get me wrong though, the snow is absolutely gorgeous! it's just that I often times end up being locked inside my house cause neither me nor my parents trust me driving out on the icy roads. Although I wouldn't blame you guys if you guys started having thoughts that I had some accident on the roads of some sort due to the ga-jillions of winter storms that the New England coast has been hit with since I haven't updated my blog in the longest time. Life has been hectic these past weeks, so I do apologize for the lack of posts. Likewise, I guarantee you guys that I will make it up once spring blooms in the air! Also, I've been working on a new layout for my blog so be sure to stay tuned for that hehe!

**Update: What do you guys think of the blog's new look?
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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How many of you guys have been keeping up to date with your list of 2014 new year's resolutions? Don't be embarrassed cause I'll admit, I've already broken 1 of mines unfortunately but hey, there's no way that's going to stop me from pushing myself to successfully achieve the rest of my goals for this year. Naturally, one of my top priority goal is to get more in shape and stay fit! Truth be told guys, I struggle opening up a jar of pickles (the ultimate arm muscle test according to the cartoon series Chowder) which is evident of my body encompassing absolutely no muscle at all! Moreover, there's no better motivator to work out then to feel fab! in whatever workout attire you're wearing! The ultimate go-to color combo, black, gray, and white with a touch of neon yellow to add a bit of excitement!
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May Our Hearts Be Full Like Our Drinks Tonight

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year Kiddos!! Hope 2014 kick-started fabulously and memorable for all of you! To be honest, I was 1/2 dead & 1/2 alive last night because it was unbearably cold and I was snuggled in my warm blanket which makes for the perfect sleeping occasion; but don't fret, I managed to stay alive to -clink- our fancy glass cups of kid version of champagne (sparkling cider) with siblings and friends! And o.m.g. once Capital Cities came on to perform their hit track Safe and Sound I was like the awakened monster from Frankenstein ha! Started the year drinking fancy and classy with my champagne glass cup filled with sparkling cider and continuing that trend by starting the year out dressing classy with my first outfit of 2014!
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Saturday, December 28, 2013

With the semester being over, and the crazy holiday fever dying down, life has finally permitted me to be able to just layback, chillax for a bit, and freely roam the online world for noneducational purposes ha! I feel like it's been decades since I've put together a style inspiration post for you guy so prepare yourselves for a goldmine of inspirations my friends! Honestly, what's a better way to end the week but to laze in your jammies and roam the endless internet for inspiration? I know I'm certainly not complaining! Hallelujah for winter break~!! 

It's Just Medicine

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy Belated X-Mas you naughty kids! Though if there was anyone who was being naughty I guess I'd have to nominate myself as the naughtiest cause I have been slacking off with posts. No worries though, I'm still alive! and to make things a little better, I finally got myself an instagram (hehe~) so be sure to follow me there if you guys have one and are interested in staying a little more updated -cough cough-. Not only has my slacking of posting gotten me the reward for being the naughtiest of us all but so too has my guilty eating pleasures this holiday season. Honestly, me and my siblings have been on a huge baking spree and my excuse for beating Santa to all the cookies this year was simply because it's the holiday season so I should let loose a bit and revert to being a true kid devouring everything in my kitchen ha!  
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