Last Days of March

April 1, 2013

Happy Belated Easter and April Fool's Day!!! Started the day out joyously bright and sunny yesterday then blehh. . . the Easter storm hit and the day progressively grew grey and rainy, but hey don't fret it didn't kill the day all that much. Went to Easter mass in the morning, then out to eat with the family for dinner, and ended the day being goofballs with my sisters.
So while I'm on the topic of updating all you lovely people on my oh so fabulous life *cough* *cough*, here's a little tid-bit on random miscellaneous things that have been going on that I've so naughtily left you guys out on (if you guys do care, otherwise you haven't been missing much at all hehe~)
So as you guys may know Friday was Good Friday and as a result me, my sisters, and our good friend Han had to fast. And so, we decided to stay up gossiping and catching up with each others' lives a bit as we waited for the clock to strike midnight so we could fill our starving stomachs (don't worry, my family's not all that super strict with the whole fasting thing so we didn't literally go the whole day without eating a single scrap of food).
Oh yeah a couple of weeks ago we made some good homemade Okonomiyaki!!! Sucks how we have to order the flour for it online since our local Asian super market doesn't provide it. And oh boy! the shipping for it was crazy. Nonetheless, we very much enjoyed it.

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