Run Deep, Run Wild

July 31, 2013

I apologize for the lack of photos for this look but yesterday was such a hectic day that there was barely any time for me to properly ask my sister to take some shots of my outfit to share. Don't fret though, we managed to get some shots, thus this post has come to exist! Got some weird stares and glares from the folks around us since we actually did this in front of a supermarket (kudos to us for screwing people's awkward opinions about us ha); nonetheless I hope you guys like the outfit and be sure to hype it! I've been utter love with the tomboy button down look that I stole this from my dad's old pile of clothes that he never wears anymore; paired it with one of my favorite thrifted top finds, and these old middle school pair of denim shorts of mines which surprisingly still fit and wah-lah! One of my outfit takes of the tomboy/punk/old school look (:
Vest: Dad's old closet Top: Goodwill Sunnies: New York Street Stand Bag: YesStyle Shorts: DIY Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger