All The Conversations Missing Their Link

July 28, 2014

A little notice for any of you guys who ever plan on visiting Texas during your summer vacations, load your suitcase(s) with dresses. You'd be darn outright crazy walking out in this desert weather with any layers. Trust me on this. I've been spending the last couple of summers lavished in New Jersey's perfect summer weather climate thanks to the shore's refreshing breeze that I ended up packing quite a number of layering pieces that way I can easily change up my looks without it looking like I'm constantly repeating my outfits but man it is just way too hot to go through all the fuss of finding various ways to change up my outfits. Save yourself the trouble and just load up on some simple accessories to change up your looks instead. Oh and don't forget the sunnies! Can't forget them~
Dress: Aeropostale | Sunglasses: New York Streets Stone Necklace: Gift Bag: Zara Loafers: Madewell